What is a Customer Company?

Imagine if you will an entire new way of connecting with your customers and transforming your business. Sounds great, right? Well thanks to Salesforce, the idea of staying connected has taken on a completely new principle called the customer company.

Deconstructing a Customer Company

You may be wondering what a customer company is exactly (after all, it may not be the most well-known term). In a recent video, Salesforce does just that. Putting it quite simply, as long as there’s a customer, there is business. That’s why Salesforce decided to branch out into many adjacent markets through new technologies with the end goal of reaching and connecting to more customers.

Taking this a step further, what does it take to become a customer company? Aside from listening to your customers and providing them with a stellar and consistent experience, you must be able to service your customers across every channel. That’s the fully functioning heart idea behind Salesforce’s operations. With our world so keen on social connectivity today, engaging your customers socially is crucial and, quite frankly, undeniable.

Salesforce chronicles the benefits of being a customer company by explaining in the video how it worked with top brands to further the customer company movement. For example, its recent partnership with Burberry, a high fashion realtor, helped improve overall campaign effectiveness in multi-channel delivery. In the retail industry, Burberry is considered a customer company due to its evolved social connectivity with customers. Not only can the retailer can now reach individuals outside of its store on both its website (a standard today), but also via its mobile app. This is similar to Bank of America, a customer company within the retail banking world. Bank of America customers can visit their bank’s website or simply log on through their smart devices to manage their personal accounts, and connect with banking products.

By staying focused on your customers, your business is sure to be one step ahead of the game. Continually transform your company and you’ll be able to redefine your business and drive company success even further.

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