What is an In-Store Kiosk?

Imagine being able to complete your entire shopping experience in-store but without the help of a single salesperson. This is absolutely possible by leveraging the power of an in-store kiosk for customer service. Today’s advanced call center solutions encompass multiple ways of innovatively connecting and engaging with customers. In-store kiosks are at the front line of doing so.

In-store kiosk relatively new introduction to the world of customer service

The small, freestanding unit located within a store on the sales floor that displays information to customers as they walk by. This could be information about your newest product, a limited time sale or any other relevant information needed to help customers amplify their overall shopping experience.Today’s more sophisticated in-store kiosks take this one step further by enabling shoppers to interact via touch screens, sound and video. This type of in-store kiosk is an excellent way to connect with shoppers using a multimedia, customer-centric approach.Now, there’s still one even more advanced form of the in-store kiosk – the kind that Vocalcom offers. This type of in-store kiosk can connect customers with any aspect of a business via multiple touch points, such as the contact center, back office, branch office, outsourced operations and retail stores.With just the touch of a finger, your customers can interact with any part of a business and at any time. Long gone are the days of broken, disparate business systems – and customer experiences. Long live the in-store, connected kiosk. Click here to learn more about our innovative in-store kiosk solution.

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