Why You Need a Hosted Call Center this Fall

It’s been almost a year since Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on residents, families, businesses, and consumers from the Caribbean all the way to Canada, generating damage amounting to $65 billion in the U.S. alone. It’s no wonder call center managers are doing everything they can to be prepared for this year’s hurricane season.

All told, 73 percent of companies experienced some type of operations interruption over the last five years. To maintain both peace of mind and uptime this fall, call center managers should look for a hosted call center that can shield them from what Mother Nature has planned in the coming months. Having your data safely stored in the cloud means that you will be able to maintain business continuity before, during and after any type of disaster. By limiting or eliminating interruptions – the kinds that cost businesses billions of dollars last year – companies will be able to maintain continuity of services and contain costs.

It also provides the flexibility for companies to deploy virtual call center agents anywhere in the country. With virtual agents, companies can scale up and down based on the weather, business seasonality or any number of factors, both planned and unplanned.

And with budgets shrinking, keeping a lid on costs is important. A hosted solution means essentially never having to worry about repairs, upgrades or staff support. It allows companies to realign IT priorities and in-house staff and move toward complete hosted unified communications without increasing IT or call center budgets.

Looking at the support center of the future, hosted unified communications provides the ability to create a single, holistic view of the customer relationship by networking together voice, messaging, chat, mobile, social media and more. Taking a unified approach provides detailed analytics and can help position companies as leaders in 21st century customer management.

From business continuity during hurricane season to year-round cost savings to being ahead of the competitive curve, shouldn’t a hosted call center be first on your business’ to-do list this fall?

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