reduction in customer service cost


Reduction in Average Idle Time


Increase in Agent Productivity

[Balanced Inbound and Outbound Contact]
Perfect blending of multichannel inbound customer care and outbound productivity.
Blended - Blending Customer Contact

Blending Customer Contact

The Vocalcom Blended Contact Center provides a unique mix of inbound and outbound capabilities that work in synergy to optimize customer connections. Inbound is empathetically prioritised over outbound, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and improved KPI’s. Outbound is provided in all forms including predictive, progressive, preview and robot dialling, and this as part of an advanced outbound contact strategy configuration to maximise connecting to customers on precisely the right device and at precisely the right time.

Blending is in fact available across ‘all media’, focusing on connecting to customers, the way they want to be connected to. For the agents this is easy, based on a single unified communication workspace that ensures ‘always on’ access to both historical and ‘current’ information about any particular customer, covering the entire customer journey across multiple medias.

Blended - Agent Experience

Agent Experience

Agents are provided with a configurable workspace, simplifying the ability to respond to multiple blended channels of communication effortlessly and extremely intuitively. Productivity is maximised although agents are happier, more motivated, providing customers with an extraordinarily high level of care.

Agents can of course manage allowable break times, view ‘live’ statistics and contextually relevant information. How many tweets in the queue, how many likes on a given Facebook topic, how many times a customer has connected and using what channels. It’s a ‘cockpit’ of information to drive the customer experience to a whole new level as yet unseen in the Contact Center world.

The unified communications workspace simply redefines the expectations of an agent console. Crucially, agents really do have one browser based application, that pulls together multiple information sources, and becomes part of the overall operational workflow of the entire company. Interactions with customers form part of the end-to-end customer care process, or the basis of a lead generation revenue objective smashing ‘machine’, involving different teams and departments.

’Blending’ is what makes a Contact Center solution so complete, and from an agent experience perspective, the Vocalcom agent workspace really couldn’t be any more accomplished.

Blended - Supervisor Experience

Supervisor Experience

As a Supervisor, using the Vocalcom Supervisor solution, you are afforded one of the few times it’s actually OK to be excited about software! It really is a technology that can transform a Supervisor's day from being productive to being productive and satisfyingly great. Complete, unrestricted access and visibility of contact across both inbound and outbound channels being so effortless, makes Supervision of blended agents a simple and in fact enjoyable task.

Supervisors have the ability to unobtrusively communicate with agents. They are ‘by the agent's side’ at all times, with a one-click ‘help’ feature when agents are needing guidance and support. In fact, a Supervisor can even ‘take control’ with the entire context of the conversation so far being transferred to them, regardless of the channel.

Statistics and information are in abundance. Supervisors can view data in tables, graphically, as counters and even beyond the current day, bridging a gap between up to the last second ‘current’ information and a historical view of the customer also, right inside the module.

It’s possible to drill into interactions and view ‘everything’, literally. What the customer tweeted and what the agent replied with. How the screen workflow script was completed on a web chat, how the call went, ‘clicking’ to listen to the recording, and of course the ability to ‘update’ statuses and outcomes is all very simple.

‘Pro-active’ features such as threshold alarms and alerts, intuitive custom data definitions and visual representations of ‘current’ activity across all blended channels power easy decision making. Decisions supported with tangible and logical data, driving accuracy and objective smashing performance.

Ultimately the Supervisor experience is that of being empowered to make the best decisions, support the agents in the best ways possible and to drive success whilst balancing customer care and outbound connection rates. Supervising a blended Vocalcom powered Contact Center is simply effortless.