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[Multichannel Customer Care]
The ‘complete’ multichannel solution to retain customers and grow revenues.
Multichannel - Customer Demand

Customer Demand

The number of channels customers are using to communicate with organizations has increased exponentially, as well as the interactions across them. Customers are still using voice, email and more recently web chat, but there have been significant increases in video and social channel usage also.

Depending on the type of products and services on offer, it’s clear that companies need to ensure they at least support the ‘right’ channels for today and can scale to accommodate channels of tomorrow. By the ‘right’ channels, we mean of course if you’re a games company it’s worth ensuring you can connect on social channels for example, if you’re a stock profile management company your clients will be pretty keen to be prioritized over the phone, and if you’re providing apparel then web chat on your eCommerce website is pretty key.

Interestingly, you could argue that ‘multichannel support’ is in fact a misnomer, and that all channels, regardless of how many there are, should ideally be treated as a single, unified channel, if you want to provide the best customer care and realise the biggest revenue opportunities.

Multichannel - The Multichannel Challenge

The Multichannel Challenge

Having surveyed a sample of customer service managers and directors to understand why more companies weren’t supporting more of the right channels for their customers, we found two key things. Firstly, many companies didn’t realise how big the problem was, and secondly, nearly half suggested it was their own Contact Center platform that was stopping them. Clearly, none of these customers were using the Vocalcom platform!

It seems in most cases, companies have evolved creating two specific challenges, disparate channel platforms and inherently disconnected or multiple agent applications. In fact in trying to serve customers’ channel needs, companies have inadvertently made it difficult to serve any one channel well enough, straining the ability to support any more.

Multichannel - The Vocalcom Multichannel Solution

The Vocalcom Multichannel Solution

The Vocalcom platform is a single entity, by design. It encompasses a unique platform core that affords support for all channels as one, ensuring a truly single customer journey. It’s a ‘complete’ multichannel solution based on three core ingredients – single multichannel platform, unified communication agent application, and performance ‘busting’ measurement tools.

The application platform core and architecture is exciting. It’s not constrained by hardware or traditional integration challenges. It’s fast, and simple to deploy, connecting to existing switch technology, in the cloud, as a hybrid solution or standing alone.

It incorporates market defining ACD, IVR and Skills-Based-Routing features, such that targeting the right agent and empowering the customer couldn’t be easier to set-up. Outbound dialling is provided in all forms and compliant; Predictive, Progressive, Preview and Robot. Blending is optimised and configurable, ensuring next generation inbound customer care.

The agent workspace is a ‘command center’ of information, with ‘live’ and relevant data persistently provided to the agent, at the right times and as part of an intelligent workflow. Agents can almost pre-cognitively offer the right kind of customer care and product offers, anticipating everything they need to do for a customer, and having everything to ‘offer’ them in terms of links, media, documents, co-browse support and more, at their ‘fingertips’. The agent workspace makes it easy to transfer a customer from a one-to-many social chat, to a one-to-one personal one. It can be personalised, it’s intuitive and frankly, ensures agents actually enjoy helping customers.

The live supervisor dashboard and historical data information, is incredibly accurate and complete. It’s customisable and limitless in terms of gaining customer insights and practical data across all channels about any customer and right up to the last second.

Supervisors can manage ‘live’ from the Supervisor dashboard, pro-actively adjusting performance and improving against KPI’s using threshold warnings and dynamic decision making. Agents can be re-allocated, quality reviewed, guided and supported unobtrusively all from right within the Supervisor view-port. They can view ‘live’ workflow screen scripts, tweets, emails, web chats and listen to calls with a few simple clicks, drilling into the detail.

The historical ‘custom reports’ designer provides limitless information about how well the Contact Center is performing, and precisely how it needs to be viewed. It’s possible to define a report ‘book’ with a title, chapters and pages enabling tables and graphs to be intuitively laid out, templated and organised, to be re-used and re-defined.

Information can be combined based on ‘custom’ workflow data and system information to ensure it’s not only complete, but seamlessly blended to provide the best possible view of the data, helping to make the best possible tactical decisions.

In summary the Vocalcom multichannel platform addresses the biggest challenges in terms of technology and inherently cost efficiency, when wanting to provide a truly transformed customer experience in a multichannel environment. This considering migration, or complementing existing infrastructure also.