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Workforce Optimisation - Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Maximising the efficiency and productivity of a Contact Center agent workforce is based on having the right Workforce Management solution. Dependencies such as accurate and detailed historical customer contact ‘trend’ data, and a clear, well defined customer care strategy really underpin the power of the solution.

The Vocalcom Contact Center solution enables companies to implement the most advanced contact strategies using ‘Best Time To Call’ technology, mapped directly to the scheduled availability of agent resources and the needs of your customers. In particular, every customer interaction right up to the last second is stored in the platform database, providing historical trend data to forecast accurately.

As part of a ‘complete’ solution provided by Vocalcom, our technology is closely ‘connected’ and works seamlessly with ‘best of breed’ global Workforce Optimization, (WFO) vendor solutions. In fact, Vocalcom have developed technology partnerships with certain vendors to provide the most innovative and influential combined WFO and Contact Center solution available. The most accomplished Contact Center platform harmoniously complemented by the world’s leading WFO technology, now that’s a powerful all-in-one combined solution.

Workforce Optimisation - Real-Time Quality Monitoring

Real-Time Quality Monitoring

An important part of any Contact Center solution, to ensure superior agent performance and ongoing improvement, is quality monitoring. It’s important to review how well an agent handles interactions and this from a personal development perspective as well as adherence to interaction workflow. Indeed, it should be possible at any time to grab a ‘snap-shot’ view of an agents performance, in addition to a more strategic overall performance review process.

Vocalcom’s Contact Center solution is provided with the technology to review precisely how an agent handled a customer interaction through workflow visibility, voice recording review and quality monitoring tools to ‘score’ an agents performance.

Combined with best of breed WFO, the Vocalcom platform can ensure that agents are given the best opportunity to exceed performance objectives and of course customers directly see the benefit of that. Reviewing how an agent responded to questions, queries, challenges and opportunities as well as what was captured in workflow screen scripts and outcomes, enables tailored training and team support to be part of ongoing workforce scheduling.

Workforce Optimisation - Customer Insights and Analytics

Customer Insights and Analytics

We hear the term ‘big data’ a lot in the industry. It’s often taken for granted what this term actually means, and in fact it is quite open to interpretation depending on markets, persona’s and what it means to a customer. The clear and definable characteristic of big data is that it’s a lot of incredibly useful information for companies about potential and existing customers.

Consider all interactions with a customer stored as a voice recording or in written form combined, and you can start to imagine what ‘big data’ means from a Contact Center perspective. Imagine all voice recordings, emails, web chats, text messages, tweets, Facebook comments being a rich source of data you can analyse. A ‘big data’ repository that provides endless ‘customer insights’; what makes customers happy, what they’re frustrated about what they’re saying about competitors, what they feel is a better product or service, literally a limitless source of information to learn from.

The ongoing availability of data is a fait-accompli, in fact, it’s predicted that each customer will account for approximately 5 Terabytes of data by the year 2018. The challenge then, is having the right technology to do the exploration and provide tangible and practical outcomes that a company can act on.

Vocalcom provide a complete solution incorporating tightly integrated partner real-time analytics capabilities. Customer insights provides further opportunity to increase workforce efficiency and improve agent productivity; in fact feeling the effect way beyond the scope of the Contact Center. Not only does it help to ensure agents know when to offer the right products at the right times for example, but they can also feed back into marketing, update the sales organisation, ensure the product team are aware, and so much more.

Vocalcom’s partner based customer insights and analytics solutions provide ‘live’ sentiment and emotion based analysis for agents themselves to view also, so agents can adjust and improve interaction outcomes dynamically during a conversation.

Ultimately, Vocalcom’s strategically ‘hand-picked’ technology partners enable an already best of breed ‘right here and now’ contact solution to be complemented with best of breed workforce optimization and big data analytics capabilities, that ensures the most efficient and prolific agent output, encouraging a larger positive effect across the entire organisation.