Cloud Contact Center Software for Zendesk

Unleash the Full Power of Zendesk by Adding Voice self-service, Cloud based CTI, call recording, Robust Call Routing, and Screen Pop Capabilities.

  • Contact Center Software for Zendesk

    Build Better Customer Experiences with Vocalcom and Zendesk

    Add powerful voice self-service, call recording and call routing capabilities

    Deliver intelligent voice self-service and industry-leading call routing to the best equipped agents for personalized, quick and accurate service in a seamless, all-in-one customer experience solution. Vocalcom for Zendesk gives your support agents a complete integrated solution that enables them to better manage every customer case towards a faster resolution. With Vocalcom for Zendesk, your contact center is seamlessly integrated into your customer service software to deliver a more engaging customer experience while significantly improving agents’ productivity. See how Vocalcom and Zendesk Join Forces to Enable PIXmania to Transform Customer Service.

  • Contact Center Software for Zendesk

    Allow agents to take and place calls without leaving the Zendesk console

    Vocalcom Cloud based contact center integrates directly with Zendesk

    No hardware, no software,and no plug‐ins. Get the most sophisticated telephony platform for voice Interactions. With Vocalcom, customers will experience contextual self-service options and, when requiring human-assistance, the call will be routed to the best-skilled Zendesk agent, eliminating transfers and improving the overall customer experience. All interactions details are automatically inserted into tickets. You benefit from an advanced business phone system with integrated unified communications solutions, improved reporting, & dashboards. Vocalcom Contact Center Software shortens and improves customer interactions.

  • Contact Center Software for Zendesk

    Intelligent Inbound call routing, skill assignment and queueing

    And screen pop based on Caller ID (ANI) and/or ticket lookup

    Together, Zendesk and Vocalcom provide a powerful solution for companies looking to simplify and simultaneously reduce costs, increase agent productivity and improve their customer service delivery. The deep integration to the Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center allows customers to quickly deploy and manage a help desk in the cloud with voice interactions routed directly to the optimal customer support employees using the Zendesk console. The Vocalcom and Zendesk integration significantly enhances the ability of companies to manage their customer support channels seamlessly in a single user experience.

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