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Online Adults Using Twitter for Customer Service
The Golden Goose
Willingness to recommend (WTR) as a function of speed of answer

Respond more quickly and cheaply.

The next customer service revolution. Interactions on Twitter improve your ability to deliver exceptional customer service efficiently; agents can respond more quickly and cheaply, often at savings of up to 80% per interaction compared to phone calls. Vocalcom provides all the tools to match ever-loftier customer expectations, with personalized service that’s faster, more efficient and more relevant.

Potential for 97 percent customer satisfaction.

Customers want freedom and flexibility on how, where and when they are served, demanding a more personal experience and 24/7 availability. Tweets targeted at leading brands’ customer service Twitter usernames are up 2.5x over the past two years. Twitter enables you to meet ever-increasing customer expectations with a tailored, one-to-one experience.

Improved customer experience and satisfaction.

A majority of companies list “increased customer satisfaction” as a top reason for offering customer service on Twitter. They have a good reason for doing so; 85 percent of customers who have a satisfactory interaction are likely to recommend the brand to others. Vocalcom Social Customer Service Software for Twitter helps companies improve the customer experience they deliver while cutting costs, build a brand asset and tap into new revenue opportunities.

Customer service at one-sixth the cost of a call center interaction.

Twitter customer service can save up to 80 percent per interaction compared to phone calls. Not only are customers turning to Twitter for help, Twitter is also significantly more efficient and effective for companies who are seeing a cost per resolution on Twitter that’s 1/6 of what they’re seeing in call centers. Preemptive service can answer many questions with content, before the customer even asks.

New service-to-sales and revenue opportunities.

Twitter fundamentally shifts the economics of proactively engaging customers, yielding new, more targeted opportunities for meeting customer needs. Spans the universe of Tweets from direct to broadcasts, and responds with issue resolution or delight, when appropriate. For example, Purina, a maker of pet foods, has been known to respond to new pet owners with gifts, typically when the new owner didn’t Tweet at Purina.

Continuous insight and analytics.

Dig into profile and post-level insights, as well as trends across messages and team responsiveness to better understand brand and team performance. Twitter is the voice of your customer, providing real-time data that reflects the needs, desires and behaviors of your customers, which brands can use to generate insights on strategy.