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Customer Service On Twitter

Read more about Twitter’s success stories by the Twitter for customer service team. You can also find out how your brand can best prepare for successful customer service on Twitter by downloading a free copy of the Twitter for Customer Service Playbook. It’s full of real world examples from companies like Hilton (@HiltonSuggests), Best Buy (@BestBuySupport), Comcast (@ComcastCares), Spotify (@SpotifyCares), T-Mobile (@TMobileHelp) and Microsoft (@LumiaHelp).

Success story - Twitter - John Legere, T-Mobile CEO
-John Legere, T-Mobile CEO
Key Takeaways
  • Developing a clear mission and process enables consistency in your interactions and buy-in from the team.
  • Gathering actionable data doesn't need to be difficult; surveys are a great way to analyze customer interactions and prove the value of customer service on Twitter.
  • Selecting the right tool helps you execute on your strategy; for T-Mobile, switching tools helped cut response times by 90%.

Twitter is the channel of choice for T-Mobile when it comes to engaging its customers on their problems and questions – even for its CEO. T-Mobile–the "uncarrier" of wireless–has found success with its focus on customer needs. With 927 percent growth from 2013-14 in its social fan base, and 90 percent customer satisfaction among its Twitter users, its engagement on Twitter has been critical to that success. T-Mobile's journey—from launch to its current 40-person "T-Force"—provides useful lessons as you develop your Twitter strategy, measure your performance and choose a tool.


Having a clear mission and process was critical to T-Mobile's ability to scale quickly while maintaining high customer satisfaction. When it became clear that customers wanted to engage on Twitter, Michelle Mattson, who leads social customer support, spent a week with her team to set goals and document the steps for getting there. They emerged with a succinct mission: to be the world class brand for engagement.

The team also outlined the steps for achieving that mission: listen, engage, resolve. Mattson assigned mini-teams to study each step. The teams defined the key activities, metrics, tools and participants necessary for success. Once they had a clear process in place, the Twitter representatives were able to coordinate effectively with other groups, including marketing, PR and legal and provide the resources to respond to customers quickly and effectively.


The T-Force team set metrics to make sure they maintain the engagement they want. They regularly survey customers on satisfaction, issue resolution, whether they needed to call a customer service representative and whether they would be likely to recommend the "T-Force" to someone in the future.

Success story - Twitter - John Legere, T-Mobile CEO

The goal is to keep each measure above 90 percent, even as volume increases. If these measures dip, the team adjusts and learns. Mattson believes the high satisfaction comes from having a consistent, authentic voice on Twitter, something they try to screen for when interviewing for new Twitter agents. Candidates are asked Twitter-like questions to see if they can respond effectively and naturally.

"You can't force someone to sound cool."

In addition to tracking customer satisfaction, T-Mobile closely monitors the sentiment of Tweets about its brand. T-Mobile uses this sentiment data to create an early warning system, allowing it to head off problems before they escalate. For example the team once saw negative sentiment – normally at 1 – 3 percent — spike to 37 and immediately reacted. It discovered that a change to its corporate discounting program was upsetting customers. John Legere, T-Mobile's CEO, quickly Tweeted, stemmed the tide of frustration and brought sentiment back to normal levels.

Imagine preemptively alleviating the concerns of thousands of your customers with less than 140 characters at the speed of Twitter.


The tool you choose matters. T-Mobile began with a homegrown solution, tried several providers and ultimately settled on a tool designed specifically for customer service via Twitter. "Many tools say they're social, but they don't get it," says Mattson. The T-Force uses tools for social listening and for queuing Tweets. Together, these tools have enabled T-Mobile to cut response times to 10 minutes, a 90 percent improvement.

The Twitter platform has become an essential part of T-Mobile's mission to put its customers first, and customers are noticing: T-Mobile is ranked number one in customer care satisfaction by J.D. Power.