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Increase Contact and Conversion Rates with the Most Versatile and Powerful Telemarketing Software Available Today — by up to 400%.

  • Telemarketing Software

    Leading Telemarketing Software. More contacts. Less idle time.

    Designed from the ground up to increase compaign productivity

    Vocalcom is a leader in telemarketing software for businesses and call centers of all sizes — bringing incredible speed and efficiency to telemarketing companies, by radically improving speed-to-contact, daily call volume, agents productivity, and customer satisfaction.

    Real-time monitoring, immediate access to customer information, clear understanding of the campaign script and strong intelligent dialing capabilities are at the heart of every cost-effective telemarketing phone systems. Vocalcom's telemarketing software dramatically increase your contact rates and agents talk time by accurately predicting when they will become available, optimally pacing dialing, and filtering out unproductive calls. With a broad range of features that are robust and unique, yet easy to use, Vocalcom's telemarketing software is designed to maximize your agents productivity and enhance all facets of your telemarketing campaigns. Ease of use means also, less training, lower costs, happier agents and better results. Best of all, Vocalcom's telemarketing software is so easy to set-up, you'll save costs and get up and running quickly. Bring the speed, savings & flexibility of our telemarketing software to your business.

  • Telemarketing Software

    Telemarketing Software: Don't dream about results. Demand them

    More sales, improving call volume and Agents's talk time

    Web-based – No Software to Install. Vocalcom telemarketing software system eliminates the need for agents to waste time on manual dialing activities. Spend more time talking to prospects by increasing live contacts by up to 400%. Vocalcom's telemarketing software is the most versatile and powerful telemarketing software available today.

    Improve Telemarketing Performance With:

    • Auto-dialing – From 35 to 100% more calls!
    • Concentrate on the Next Best Lead to Call
    • Heads Up, Branch Call Scripting
    • One Click Pre-Recorded Voice Drop
    • Intelligent Call Recording
    • Automated Email Templates and Drip
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    Calls are dynamically initiated and transferred to a sales agent only when a live person has answered. Therefore, a higher volume of calls can be made in a shorter period of time. Studies show that organizations that leverage predictive dialing technologies can experience outbound call volume increases of as much as 400 percent. With our predictive dialer in place, agents no longer need to perform manual dialing activities. They can devote the bulk of their time and effort to interacting with existing and potential customers, nurturing sales opportunities, promotion products and services, and closing deals. When it's come to calculating ROI, no other solution comes close.

  • Telemarketing Software

    Simply the most productive telemarketing phone system

    Real time dashboard, call recording and a powerful Call Scripting

    Our reliable telemarketing application provides you all the management tools and features you need to run your operations more effectively. Vocalcom Telemarketing Software automates, organizes, and manages your outbound dialing campaigns and resources, allowing you to build productivity, improve efficiency, and increase call volume.

    Agents must have the right tools, quick access to customer information, clear understanding of the campaign script and a constant pool of customer contacts. Only a complete telemarketing solution can deliver the functionality and performance required. Vocalcom's Telemarketing Software also provides complete web monitoring and reporting controls that help you manage your operations more effectively. Our predictive dialer can triple the amount of time your agents spend talking to prospects. The system automates outbound dialing and calls back, and connect your agents only to live answers providing your agents more talk time with real, live, prospects. Further, our system can also leave automatically voice message on answering machines and route inbound calls to those same agents.

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