Part 1 – 10 Quick, Need-to-Know Facts for Call Center Survival

Marshaling and making use of their call center’s resources is always at the top of any call executive’s mind. The day-to-day scheduling of call center agents, the timely answering of customer calls and the proper management of employee downtime, known as the “Intraday Management” of the call center, were the focus of questions put to call center executives to help narrow down what they felt were the 10 top areas of concern. Enjoy these quick facts:

1. Productivity is the top priority

The majority of call center execs (59 percent) divulged that the challenge of increasing agent productivity is top of mind for ensuring the success of their operations.

2. Room for improvement is key

96 percent of call center managers believe that is it “very important” that their contact center agents’ performance improves. (81 percent in the area of customer satisfaction; 72 percent wish for an increase in first call resolution.)

3. Time really is money

Agents have an average of 49 minutes of idle time (the time between calls) a day. This downtime comes most often in 2.5 minute intervals.

4. Idle time occurs too frequently

19 percent of call center agents experience 16-30 minutes of idle time. 16 percent of agents have 1-2 hours and 6 percent have more than 2 hours of time on their hands.

5. Make the most of unused time

56 percent of managers have other off-call work for the agents to do. 40 percent would like agents helping out with other channels or spending their time coaching (31 percent) or being trained (20 percent).What about the last five areas of concern? Stay tuned for part two to find out! In the meantime, learn how the proper call center software can address all of these pain points by exploring the rest of our site.

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