5 Essential Ways to Win Customer Loyalty

These days, brands with the greatest customer engagement succeed the most at winning customer loyalty. Customers are enticed by creative and genuine engagement strategies, especially by brands that really take customer needs to heart. So what exactly does it take to offer the best customer engagement for the best results? Here are five essential ways to win customer loyalty for the long-term.

Make customer experiences personal and authentic.

Customer experiences always begin with being personal. First, make an effort to understand your target customers, sending surveys to better understand their needs and analyzing carefully their buying behaviors. For example, paying attention to their purchase history and using analytical tools to better understand their social behaviors can provide tremendous insights into their preferences. Once your company has identified the needs and tastes of your target customers, reach out to them in an authentic way. Contact them on their preferred channels, address them by name in all interactions, and deliver what they specifically want from your brand.

Be proactive.

Being one step ahead of your customers is a sure way to win their loyalty. The recent trend of conversational commerce is a great example of brands both simplifying and enriching the customer experience in a proactive manner. Businesses identified the fact that SMS and messaging are practical and preferred ways for customers to make contact, so many have chosen to implement customer engagement on these channels for the convenience of their customers. For example, simplifying the payment process, communicating availability hours on all channels, sending meaningful marketing offers ahead of time, and providing detailed shipping information are all ways to keep customers informed in advance.

Get creative with marketing tactics.

Customer loyalty is also won when brands make experiences fun. Millennial customers are especially receptive to creative marketing tactics. Social media platforms are popular for customer engagement with this age group, with brands running contests, giving behind-the-scenes tours, and offering rewards to socially savvy customers with great success. Your brand might consider more social media engagement and marketing offers targeted to specific customer profiles, such as offering rewards on birthdays or after earning rewards points. Let customers have fun, and reward them for their loyalty.

Take responsibility for actions.

Remember the saying, “The customer is always right?” It’s still a solid piece of advice, and all brands should take note. Customers value their time and are giving your brand business, so they deserve respect, appreciation, and convenience. Always accept responsibility in difficult situations, such as a delayed delivery or technical issue on the company website. Being apologetic, fixing the issue in a timely manner, and making a goodwill gesture are all essential to winning customer loyalty in tough situations.

Encourage team spirit among employees.

The human element of customer service is so important, and that includes the agents on the front lines. Empower your agents to be the best they can be for stronger service, greater confidence, and greater customer loyalty. Taking steps such as offering detailed and ongoing training, mentoring programs, and employee retreats are all vital to encouraging team spirit. Ask for agent feedback and include them when making decisions about contact center practices. When agents feel appreciated, their enthusiasm for your brand will carry over into their service and win the loyalty of your customers.In our digital world, brands and customers alike can connect on more channels than ever. The critical task for brands is making sure that such engagement is always meaningful, efficient, and exciting for customers across all channels. Customers have many choices, but they will choose your brand if you keep their interests at heart. As a global leader in cloud-based contact center software solutions for customer service and sales, Vocalcom chose to integrate Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, Viber, Kik, and conversational SMS into its cloud contact center platform to evolve into a premium conversational commerce platform for true customer satisfaction.

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