5 Reasons Video Drives Great Customer Experiences

Personalized customer service is in greater demand than ever, and brands are finding numerous ways to deliver. From messaging to live chat to social media engagement, customer service channels are no longer just a means of delivering answers but bridges to building long-lasting relationships between brands and customers. Among these channels, live chat has consistently proven to be a winner for customer satisfaction: According to Zopim, 91% of customers who have used the channel are happy with its ability to both resolve issues and assist with the product research process. What’s more, the rise of video chat in particular is more dominant than ever: Companies as varied as Amazon, American Express, Bank of America, and Hertz have all made video chat a priority for their customer service. So what exactly is the appeal of video, and chat especially? Here are five ways video drives great experiences for the modern customer.

It humanizes the customer experience

Personalized service is one thing, but humanized is another. While channels such as email and live chat (in textual form) may indeed personalize the customer experience through a conversational tone, video chat provides the immediate human contact that makes a brand more than just a faceless institution. When customers can actually see the agent who is assisting them, their confidence in the brand may increase—a critical need when a customer has a complex issue to resolve or seeks assistance with a purchase. A friendly and knowledgeable agent who provides timely assistance can make all the difference between customer churn and loyalty.

It helps customers in complex situations

Video chat can be essential for customers in complex situations. For example, many banks have found that offering quick access to video chat at ATM machines is comforting to the customer, both for reasons of security and convenience. In addition, offering proactive video chat when customers are browsing a brand website, in the middle of a purchase, or experiencing a technical issue online can reassure the customer and lead them to purchase without difficulty.

It streamlines the sales process

Even if a brand’s web and mobile interfaces are optimized and user-friendly, offering to help a customer during purchase is essential. Video chat, offered on a brand website or a mobile device, can assist customers who need help with product research, seek recommendations, or need technical support before making a purchase. Many brands that embrace conversational commerce incorporate video chat into their messaging to streamline the sales process, offering an extra layer of support during critical steps such as providing credit card information or confirming a purchase.

It inspires brand advocacy

In addition to chat, video is an ideal medium for inspiring customers and showcasing brand advocates. Brands such as Dove, Reebok, and Intel inspire customers through compelling video marketing, telling stories that relay their brand values. Video is also a popular medium for engaging brand advocates, with many brands featuring user-generated video content on their sites and social media platforms. Some brands, such as GoPro, actually take user-generated videos and repurpose the content before featuring them in their video marketing campaigns. Customers love a great story, and involving them in telling a brand story is a sure way to win their loyalty.

It educates customers

Lastly, brands should never underestimate the value of video for self-service. Customers seeking technical support may appreciate quality video tutorials, as they can watch them anytime and find answers they need without contacting an agent. In addition, customers may like to learn more about products and services before purchasing them, so featuring educational videos on a brand website can educate current and potential customers alike. As a time-tested medium, video is essential to giving customers humanized service while inspiring them to support and love the brands that embrace video meaningfully.

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