5 Tips for Optimizing Email Marketing Campaigns

As the use of mobile devices and social media continues to grow, you might think that the days of email are over. In reality, the opposite is true: Email remains a popular form of communication and a viable channel for business. According to BtoB Magazine, 59% of B2B marketers claim that email is their most effective channel for generating revenue. So what should your brand do to create optimal email marketing campaigns? Consider these five essential tips.

Use an effective subject line

Would you open an email with an incoherent subject line? Your customers probably wouldn’t: Convince and Convert states that 69% of email recipients will report an email as spam based solely on the subject line. Capture the attention of your customers with a short but catchy phrase that clearly summarizes the purpose of the email. Mention the reward they will gain by clicking on the email, using verbs that incite them to action. No matter how well-written your email content may be, a weak subject line may deter your customers from reading it.

Reward your customers immediately

Marketing emails should not be summaries of new company products and services. Customers want an incentive to open brand emails. For this reason, reward them immediately for their time with a promotional offer. For example, rather than merely announcing an upcoming sales event, include a discount code that may be redeemed easily. Your customers will understand that anytime your brand sends an email, there’s a great offer waiting for them.

Personalize your communications

It goes without saying that customers should always be addressed by name, no matter what the channel. Generic emails are a sign of a lazy brand that doesn’t value its customers. Be sure to use customers’ preferred names, and go a step further by matching customers with offers of potential interest. Their purchase history can help determine which products may interest them the most.

Optimize for mobile devices

Nowadays, mobile optimization is an absolute must. Hubspot cites that 81% of email users read their messages on mobile devices, with 65% of customers preferring content that contains mostly images and 35% preferring mostly text. Good email design is important for all devices, but smartphones need special attention due to their small interfaces. Be sure to use legible fonts, provide links and bar codes that work correctly, and balance text with visual content to make the emails more accessible and appealing. Remember that customers on the go are likely to glance quickly at your emails, so make your content clear and concise.

Use strategic timing

Be sure to send your emails when customers will appreciate them the most. For example, post-purchase emails can boost your upselling and cross-selling efforts while customers are still thinking about your brand. In addition, sending emails periodically before major sales events gives them time to preview products of interest well ahead of time. Lastly, always make sure to ask them about their preferences, giving customers the option to receive the offers they want when they want them.As your company tailors its email marketing campaign strategy to the needs of your customers, keep in mind that revisions should always be made. Test different campaigns and ask your customers for their feedback in order to improve your practices continuously. With a dedicated approach, your marketing emails will drive greater sales and customer satisfaction. 

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