7 Reasons CRM is Key to Driving Great Customer Experiences

Delivering great customer experiences begins with knowing your customers. Keeping notes on purchase history, updating contact information, and analyzing feedback surveys are among the many tasks contact center agents are often in charge of. In today’s omnichannel world, agents and customers alike need better ways to keep information organized. For contact centers, a CRM solution is the perfect answer to streamlined service. Here are seven reasons why a CRM solution is key to driving great customer experiences.

Easy access to customer data. 

A CRM solution enables agents to easily access a 360-degree view of customer data. The data is organized in a central database, allowing agents to view customer profiles, add notes to service cases, and update order status seamlessly. Customers will appreciate the efficiency of agents who have all the information they need right at their fingertips.

Greater efficiency and timesaving value.

With a CRM solution, many manual processes are eliminated. Agents are able to respond more quickly to customers through the eliminated need for manual processes like looking for forms or fact-checking across departments. Agents will be able to deliver faster service for greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced communication in the contact center. 

As a centralized database, a CRM solution enables company employees across departments to share accurate information about customers through real-time updates. Sales associates may better communicate updates such as orders and delivery confirmations with other members of the sales team. Likewise, customer service agents can better track the progress of a service case and share notes, especially when several agents handle a single case. Employees therefore benefit from greater accountability and clarity across departments.

Greater cost efficiency. 

CRM ensures that less time and resources are needed to complete tasks, translating into reduced costs. In addition, contact centers using a predictive dialing solution with CRM integration also enjoy significant savings, as such solutions automate and capture all call activity directly into the CRM. Agents are given more control for better lead management, while the solution provides valuable real-time metrics and KPIs that may improve sales and marketing strategies without requiring additional expensive telecom hardware or integration.

Increased sales and marketing opportunities. 

One of the great benefits of the solution is its tremendous potential for sales and marketing. Sales associates may manage current customers by handling pre-sales queries, accessing transaction history, processing orders, issuing credits or checking warranties, and handling post-sales services. They may also engage in cross-selling, as sales history in the database provides important information regarding customer buying habits. A CRM database can further help marketing managers better understand customer needs based on purchase history to create targeted marketing campaigns, retaining current customers while attracting new ones through stronger lead management.

Improved customer feedback management.

In addition to formal surveys, brands may benefit from less structured feedback captured in a CRM solution. The database enables the recording and analysis of feedback customers may offer to sales or customer service agents for a more in-depth view of customer needs. This feedback is essential to constantly improving the customer experience.

Enhanced customer experiences for greater brand loyalty.

For customers, efficiency and personalized service are key to winning their long-term loyalty. When a brand is well-organized, keeps clear notes on its customers, and makes a proactive effort to offer the best experiences possible, customers take note. With a CRM solution, your brand will be able to deliver on all these points and earn the loyalty of your customers.In our fast-paced world, technology is increasingly playing a role in how we organize our lives and complete tasks. For brands to deliver the best customer experiences, a CRM solution is vital to organization within the company and customer satisfaction. Learn about the Vocalcom native contact center solution in Salesforce, the leading global CRM solution provider, for delivering great customer experiences.

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