Customer journeys : How can you position yourself at the right time on digital and voice channels ?

Many changes have impacted customer service in these past several years. New technologies and digital channels have shifted trends, rebalancing power between brands and customers. Digital integration into customer service, just as in our daily lives, have forced service departments to change their behaviors. Customers wish for greater spontaneity, more personalization, and less intrusion. They also have greater expectations and demands from brands’ customer service departments.

These technological and behavioral changes have further impacted the laws and regulations of the industry. In order to alleviate the inadequacy of telemarketing, or to take into account the needs of operators and uses, French institutions have, for example, instated new regulations to manage the industry’s practices.

These changes have brought about new questions for customer service professionals: How can you replace intrusion with acceptance for dialogue? How can you design creative customer journeys by using the right channel at the right time to engage in a customer conversation proactively?

A new era of customer service has arrived! It is now essential to look for your customers’ preferred channels—fostering acceptance of dialogue that is therefore less intrusive. And what if the solution could combine digital and voice channels? Learn about the adapted response for your business in our 5 use cases with the Hermes Digital Journey solution.

Use case #1: Call deflection and the omnichannel order

Is your business regularly impacted by strong activity peaks? Are your phone lines saturated, and do you have trouble managing all of your inbound calls? You are not alone. This is one of the most common customer service issues that can eventually impact the customer experience.

Many options exist for managing activity peaks. In this use case, we wish to present call deflection toward digital channels.

Let’s take the example of Adam, a man in love who, despite everything, has forgotten Valentine’s Day. He wishes to order flowers right away, but on February 14th, it’s not an easy thing to do, since all agents are occupied. Adam therefore chooses a callback using the IVR menu. Alexandre, an available agent and part-time heart savior, sends him an SMS with a WhatsApp link to begin the conversation and manage the request. Using a digital channel allows Alexandre to manage several customer requests at the same time and Adam to order a lovely flower bouquet with his help.

You can find this use case in a video, by clicking on this link.


The benefits of Call Deflection toward digital channels

With Hermes Digital Journey, there are many benefits of call deflection toward digital channels.

The solution offers brands :

  • Better management of activity peaks: deflection toward digital channels has an exponential effect on the overall service quality. It reduces wait time and offers better adherence to SLA
  • Effective business streamlining
  • Omnichannel and simultaneous handling: Agents can handle many conversations at the same time, on different digital channels.
  • Cost optimization
  • Higher rates of first contact resolution

It offers customers :

  • 7/7, 24/24 access to service
  • The use of their preferred digital channel, for a more personalized and comfortable experience
  • Reduced wait time for service

This then leads to increased customer satisfaction.

It offers agents :

  • A 360 view of customer data, thanks to an omnichannel console
  • Easier access to customer knowledge with interaction history
  • Less exposure to stress

Results in numbers

With this solution, the handling of a customer request is 2 minutes on average.

When 10% of calls are deflected toward a digital channel, we notice:

  • +20% improvement of SLA (less than one-minute wait time for a response)
  • -27% wait time

When 20% of calls are deflected toward a digital channel, we notice:

  • +40% improvement of SLA (less than one-minute wait time for a response)
  • -47% wait time

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Use case #2: Debt collection and multiple payments

When we are managing debt collection, time equals money. Difficulty contacting the creditor, a lack of trust in the payment solutions, problem with securing platforms…the list of hurdles challenging debt collection is long and impactful for a company, customers, and also agents, as their morale and productivity can be affected.

Hermes Digital Journey meets these challenges for swiftness and conformity, which are necessary for recovering debts.

Let’s take the example of Sofia. She has booked a trip online for Palma de Mallorca. She has already made the first payment for this trip. Unfortunately, very close to her departure, she receives an email informing her that the second payment did not process. Sofia therefore goes on the travel agency website and is connected with a chatbot that offers her a payment link. She clicks on the connection button in her customer portal, in order to receive a security code and validate the payment. Sofia pays online in a simple and secure manner. She is then called by an agent to confirm the payment. The company has recovered its debt and Sofia is ready to go on vacation!

You can see the video of this use case, by clicking on this link.

The benefits of debt collection through digital channels

With Hermes Digital Journey, there are many benefits of debt collection using digital channels.

The solution offers brands:

  • A powerful customer engagement strategy
  • Accelerated debt collection
  • Less handling
  • Simplified channel activation, to allow each customer to be contacted on his preferred channel

It offers customers:

  • The possibility of being contacted on their preferred channel
  • Greater trust in the agent
  • Simplified payment

It offers agents:

  • Greater reachability thanks to use of digital channels
  • A secured payment process
  • A simplification of debt collection workflow

Use case #3: Online order and product return

Who has never returned a product? While it’s a common practice, product returns are still a pain for many customers. According to a Narvar study, around 50% of customers have not returned a product simply because it seemed too complicated to do so. 40% of customers had not returned a product purchased online because they did not want to waste time packaging and sending it, according to the Wall Street Journal. The information is not very clear, too complicated, too long…the list of reasons is long.

For brands, it is a competitor advantage as it can win loyalty. A customer is more likely to purchase a brand’s product if the return process is easy and quick. According to UPS, 79% of customers state that the ease of returns is a major factor in their online purchases. According to Narvar, 95% of customers were more likely to buy again from a company if the return process were easy. The use of digital channels and simplified access to service offered by Hermes Digital Journey allow brands to meet this challenge.

Let’s take the example of Adam, who wishes to buy a new pair of sneakers. He found a red pair on Instagram, but he has a few questions. On his preferred site, he is quickly connected with a chatbot that responds to all his questions. Adam no longer has any questions, he orders his pair of sneakers, and he receives it the next day! But…they are not the right color. Adam therefore connects to his customer portal and sends photos of his delivered package. He is immediately called back by an agent. The solution is super easy: he only needs to put his sneakers in his mailbox to exchange them. The following day, Adam has the right sneakers and is ready to play sports!

You can see the video of this use case, by clicking on this link.

The benefits of digital channels for your customer service.

With Hermes Digital Journey, the use of digital channels offers many benefits.

The solution offers brands :

  • Accelerated resolution using rich content. The buyer can send relevant photos allowing a visualization of the problem encountered for greater reactivity.
  • Greater trust in the brand.
  • A multi-CRM connection allowing for personalized offers for each customer


It offers customers :

  • Pleasant service using one’s preferred channel
    • Advice and support on the choice of product
    • Simplified access to claims service
    • Growing satisfaction due to simplified problem resolution, leading the customer to become a brand promoter

It offers agents :

  • Shared content for an enriched experience
  • A 360 view of customer data, thanks to a unified and omnichannel interface
  • An appreciation of the agent’s role
  • Quick problem resolution

Use case #4 : Car Assistance

When you are faced with a request for assistance, the best way to increase (or preserve) the satisfaction of your insured customers is to help them out as soon as possible. According to a LeLynx.fr study, 59% of customers want to be assisted in under an hour. In this case, using digital channels, available on a smartphone, responds to your customers’ user habits.

Let’s take the example of Sofia, who has had a car breakdown while just about to leave for work. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to reach assistance services—all agents are occupied. Fortunately, the chatbot is always available. It takes over. Sofia is geolocalized. She selects the service she needs and asks for repair assistance. An agent calls her back right away and confirms an emergency repair intervention. She only has to wait 15 more minutes. Once the problem was resolved, Sofia was able to get back on the road and continue with her day. Furthermore, in the evening, when she is available, Sofia receives a satisfaction survey on her preferred channel asking how her repair intervention went that morning.

You can see this use case in a video, by clicking on this link.

The benefits of digital channels for responding quickly to intervention requests

With Hermes Digital Journey, there are many benefits to using digital channels to assist your insured customers quickly,

The solution offers brands :

  • Real-time personalization of the user experience according to his preferences
  • Immediate resolution of delivery errors thanks to an exchange of relevant photos
  • IVR redirection on a digital channel: SMS, WhatsApp…
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction
  • A reduction of costs by interaction using chatbot automation. For 30 agents and 14,000 monthly interactions, the cost is 0,02 € per chatbot interaction versus 5,27€ per agent interaction
  • Better interaction management thanks to multi-tasking
  • Greater customer satisfaction

It offers customers :

  • 7/7 and 24/24 access to service
  • Automatic customer identification
  • Simplified access to services thanks to chatbots
  • Personalized responses to needs
  • Service notification, for a clear and pleasant experience
  • A problem turned into a satisfying experience

It offers agents :

  • Better management of call peaks
  • Simple customer identification through his telephone number
  • Quick customer handling thanks to digitalization
  • Use of the voice channel at the right time to offer reassurance

Use case #5 : Retail & Upsell

Online purchases are practical and help a person save time, but sometimes the human touch and customer support are lacking. PwC reveals that 75% of customers prefer to purchase in a physical store rather than online when they need products that require human interaction. Hermes Digital Journey helps you restore this missing contact by offering tailored support to your customers during their purchasing journey.

Let’s take the example of Adam, who wishes to buy new books for his daughter. He looks at his favorite e-commerce website and starts looking for books for children under age 3. But Adam does not know what to choose…as a VIP customer, he enjoys personalized service: a chatbot offers that he be contacted by an expert bookseller. By phone, the bookseller recommends books about emotions linked to his daughter’s development. Adam fills up his shopping cart with recommended books and validates his order. Now he just has to wait for the delivery!

You can see this use case in a video, by clicking on this link.

The benefits of digital channels for supporting customers in their purchases

With Hermes Digital Journey, there are many benefits to using digital channels for supporting your customers in their purchases  

The solution offers brands :

  • Value creation since it offers an additional, differentiating service
  • Streamlined business activity for cost optimization
  • Customer opt-in for better engagement
  • 1 to many treatments, which allows for sales optimization
  • Customer loyalty and sales of additional products (upsell)
  • AI at the service of agent expertise
  • Greater customer satisfaction

It offers customers :

  • Premium customer service
  • Reduced wait times
  • Customized self-service using chatbots
  • A call during the timeslot of their choice
  • The use of a digital channel with the assistance of a human agent

It offers agents :

  • Strong customer knowledge thanks to a 360° view of data and customer interactions, integrated into the CRM
  • Appreciation of the agent’s role


Hermes Digital Journey allows you to engage your customers on their preferred channels and facilitate the creation of targeted customer journeys. Reserving automation for simple interactions, using the voice channel as a differentiator, and using human agents for high value-added transactions, allows you to create meaningful, desired interactions. Digital channels contribute to enhancing the agent’s profession and create greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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