Driving Employee Engagement for Greater Customer Experiences

Customer Engagement is key, employees’ too! It makes sense that motivated employees are more likely to do their best work. But how does this apply when it comes to customer experience? According to Maritz CX, 71% of employees are not engaged with their work, leading to the even more troubling statistic that a full 78% of customers abandon a transaction due to a poor service experience. While engaging contact center employees can lead to greater personal motivation, giving them empowering roles can channel that motivation into excellent customer experiences. Here are five meaningful ways to drive employee engagement for greater motivation and truly optimized customer experiences.

Guide them through their journey

Everyone needs a sense of purpose, so every brand needs to make its mission clear. In order for your employees to work toward certain goals, they need to know what your brand stands for and aims to achieve. Guide your employees by giving them a rich background on your brand: from its origins to its milestones and goals for future success. Foster a team spirit by offering regular offsite activities that motivate individual employees while reinforcing brand goals in a relaxed context. To help employees achieve their personal best, offer them regular training and ongoing mentoring.

Match their roles to their skills

Employees are empowered when they know their roles are perfectly matched to their skills. Assess employee skills regularly and ask them what skills they believe they have to offer before assigning them positions. If an agent has great interpersonal skills, for example, she may prefer to spend more time on the voice or video chat channels or make a great team leader or manager. Another agent may excel at written communications and may therefore perform best on live chat and have great ideas for call script revisions. The better agents feel they are suited to their roles, the more confident they will be.

Give them a chance to learn

Professional development is essential to engaging employees and helping their learning process. Offer interesting workshops and seminars that help them build their skills and develop new ones. Give employees a chance to try different roles across contact center teams or departments, allowing them to leave their comfort zone and experience a good challenge. A peer mentoring system is also great for fostering greater communication between agents and helping them provide one another with valuable feedback.

Listen closely to their feedback

Remember that your employees are in direct contact with your customers, so they often know exactly what customers are experiencing. Solicit and listen closely to their feedback to better understand customer feelings and improve the customer experience. For example, employee feedback might include suggestions for better channel optimization, concerns about certain products or services, or observations on how to better communicate with frustrated customers.

Place them in a motivating and fun environment

Workplace optimization is important in any company, and it’s vital in the contact center. The atmosphere can be fast-paced and therefore stressful, so employees need a motivating ambiance. Give employees comfortable workstations and tools to use, from ergonomic chairs to standing desks for those who wish to move more. Give the contact center a warm and welcoming vibe with bright colors, motivational messages, plants, and windows that provide enough natural light. Creating calm spaces such as breakrooms where employees can chat and relax can help them fuel their batteries from time to time. Lastly, including activities such as gamification during certain work hours or training time can encourage healthy competition among peers and create a fun working environment. When employees are well-matched to their positions and are inspired daily to perform their best, your customer experiences will reflect their positive energy.

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