Increasing Your Customers’ Loyalty through the Call Center

Does your company offer a loyalty program, and do you have a clear understanding of the value it brings to your bottom line? If the answer to the first question is ‘yes,’ the answer to the second question is probably ‘no’ or ‘somewhat.’That’s because loyalty programs are great at getting customers to choose one company over another when making a purchase; however, loyalty only lasts for that one purchase. If your competitors also offer a loyalty program – and they’re offering a better deal –  your customers’ so-called ‘loyalty’ may switch back and forth.

Loyalty programs are a persuading factor in consumer behavior

There are 27 percent more consumers enrolled in loyalty programs this year, totaling 2.65 billion, compared to 2.1 billion in 2011, according to the COLLOQUY Loyalty Census. However, COLLOQUY reports that consumers are only active in half the programs in which they are enrolled, leaving ample opportunities on the table.So, what can make the difference in a successful loyalty program? Service. Personal customer service facilitated by call center software can bring that relationship to life.Through the omni-channel capabilities of your call center software, your agents can assist customers in everything from closing a sale to problem-solving to reminders, alerts and credits. These, however, are all reactive. Imagine the loyalty you could generate if your agents acted as proactive personal assistants who work for the customer rather than the company:

  • “I see that you didn’t lock your front door this morning. Would you like to me lock it remotely for you?”
  • “There’s an overturned tractor trailer blocking your route and you may be late. If you like, I can move your appointment back 30 minutes.”
  • “Those running shoes you purchased last year have some great new features this year. I can get you a pair before they hit the shelves. Would you like me to mail them to you?”

Your call center software can prompt your agents with the right information at the right time to the right customer. By creating a relationship based on relevant and personal service, their loyalty will be all yours.

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