IVR: optimize your call center for better interactions!

IVR is an essential tool for optimizing customer service. From saving time to gaining productivity and earning more, your customers—as well as your agents and company—will appreciate its advantages. With interactive voice response, you will be able to offer quick and efficient service to your customers in order to improve their overall experience.

How does interactive voice response work?

IVR, or interactive voice response, is an automated telephony system that allows a company to interact with its customers by offering them answer options from a menu. The goal is to quickly offer callers useful prerecorded information (hours, administrative steps…) or to transfer them toward the appropriate department or person.

The customer is asked to press a number on his phone or speak his choice out loud before being redirected. The IT department of the company’s host system recognizes the DTMF dial tones, the vocal frequencies emitted by the phone keys, or the person’s voice, which allows it to send the customer the right response.

IVR: an essential tool for a powerful call center

Using an interactive voice response allows you to respond more quickly to customer requests. The IVR follows a simple and quick pattern that allows you to remain reactive and optimize the interaction with the customer:

  • Description/qualification of the caller
  • Understanding of his need
  • Relevant redirection


Also, the IVR has many functions that allow you to improve your call center’s performance. It is a non-negotiable advantage in quantitative terms. Indeed, this system handles simple questions so that your employees can work on more complex problems. By reducing the number of calls that need to be managed by agents, you reduce operational costs and improve the productivity of your teams. With the automation of simple tasks, you are able to implement continuous customer service.

In addition, you can automatically manage a high volume of calls. 100% of inbound calls are answered, transferred to the appropriate department, or called back for a lower percentage of waiting time and optimized first contact resolution rates.

A tool for improving customer satisfaction

While the IVR considerably improves the volume of handled requests and the rapidity of managing customers, it is not less beneficial in qualitative terms. Indeed, when customers are directed to the right department, a qualified and competent agent will be able to respond to their precise demands. The caller will therefore be nothing but satisfied with his call.

Also, endowed with an intuitive graphic interface, certain IVR systems allow you to create menus that are specifically adapted to customer needs. This possibility to personalize the customer journey fosters a good customer experience.

In the current competitive context, it is crucial for a company to possess an interactive voice response system for its call center. Whether it be for the company, the customer, or the employees, a great amount of time is saved. By proposing efficient and relevant solutions to your customers, you will improve your brand image and improve your customer loyalty rates.

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