Make Downtime a Thing of the Past with a Hosted Call Center

There was a time, not too long ago, when people were grateful for a dial-up Internet connection that took 10 minutes to start up and would then shut off anytime someone in the house picked up a landline. The days of patience and understanding for multi-channel inactivity, though, are over. And why shouldn’t they be? With options available such as a hosted call center, there’s almost no reason for downtime to affect your business.

What Downtime Means for your Call Center

For those out there who are not overly concerned about downtime, here’s a startling statistic: nearly 50 percent of customers will not come back to a brand in the future if they’ve been kept waiting for more than five minutes due to customer service downtime.The Internet has offered us a great deal of benefits in conducting business. One thing that it’s taken away from the process, though, is the ability for human beings to simply pick up the slack if power went down. Power and Internet connectivity has become so important that it’s difficult to imagine all of the things that would cease to function for most businesses if it went out. Here’s just a few of business critical applications that would be affected by any outage:·         Point of sale (POS) interactions·         Inventory management·         Customer relationship management (CRM)·         Loyalty programs·         Online ordering

Hosted Call Centers are the Answer

With a hosted call center, you can make sure that downtime becomes a thing of the past. If a weather-related or other issue affects the power in your brick and mortar location, fear not, because everything that your call agents and your customers need is safely stored in a secure location.

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