How Can Your Company Offer Seamless Customer Service?

Customers today no longer contact brands on just a single channel. While customer service once meant engaging with customers only by phone or by email, modern customer service is omnichannel. Customers want to engage with brands across many channels, and some even prefer to switch from one favorite channel to another depending on their needs. So how can brands offer a consistent quality experience across so many channels? Offer seamless customer service! With seamless customer service, customer engagement and satisfaction increase—leading to long-term loyalty. Seamless customer service is key to brand success—and Vocalcom can help you create it.

What is seamless customer service?

Seamless customer service refers to a company’s ability to provide a smooth experience without any obstacles throughout a customer’s omnichannel journey. A customer can easily pass from one step to another without issue and can easily achieve his goal. An experience can be considered a seamless one if, for example, a customer does not have to repeat information when he moves from one channel to another or even one agent to another. For example, a customer’s profile and purchase history are immediately recognized by the brand regardless of the contact channel. No matter where or when he makes contact with the brand, agents are ready to offer support with full knowledge of the customer’s background. However, unknown customers can also benefit from seamless customer service if all channels work together smoothly. Once the new customer makes contact on a single channel and information is collected from the customer, the transition to a new channel or agent can be done effortlessly and seamlessly.

Seamless customer service is essential as it reduces customer effort and therefore increases satisfaction. In addition, seamless customer service enables agents and the brands they represent to build more empathy for customers. By understanding each customer’s individual needs, they can adapt their approach and tone to best support the customer. Without a seamless approach, an agent could not give a customer the right support and might request that the customer repeat information over and over again.

When brands embrace seamless customer service, the goal is to improve the customer journey, win long-term customer loyalty through quality service, reduce friction and obstacles as much as possible, and resolve issues as quickly as possible.


Why is offering seamless customer service no longer just an option?

Offering seamless customer service is no longer just an option—it is a must:

  • It solves many challenges that arise when customers use many different contact channels, both physical and digital, during the buying journey. Customers want to be able to freely choose the channel and the ideal moment to contact brands, without having to start at the beginning each time they make contact.
  • Customers want to feel recognized and appreciated when they switch from one channel to another. They want an effortless, uncomplicated experience that gives them the resolution they are looking for.
  • Seamless customer service allows companies to guarantee their customers an experience without interruption or useless repetition when customers switch channels. Seamless customer service also helps both agents and customers save time as they avoid repeating information, which increases customer satisfaction and saves companies money.
  • Globally, seamless customer service ensures a great customer experience that leads to the highest levels of customer satisfaction—a must for winning long-term loyalty. The less customers have to repeat information when switching channels or speaking to different agents, the less frustrated and therefore happier these customers will be.

When your company offers seamless customer service, your approach switches from a reactive to a proactive mode. However, if your company must handle customer situations reactively, it’s critical to turn customer frustration into satisfaction. For example, Air France sometimes has to manage customer service reactively when flight delays arise and reimbursements are necessary. The airline’s customers have to make a request for a reimbursement online, at a moment when they are clearly dissatisfied. Making the request online is so easy and quick that customers are eventually satisfied and give a positive score after this step. Not only does this process reflect a positive image of the company, but it allows such a company to better manage reimbursement requests that cost the brand a significant amount of money. By proactively anticipating such a situation through a streamlined process on your website, for example, you can give your customers quick, self-service assistance without additional agent support and save costs.

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How can you offer seamless customer service?

In order to offer seamless customer service, you need to invest in the right contact center technology. It is essential to have a solution that allows your agents to manage customer service in a unified and seamless manner. Your solution should have:

A 360° customer view

Having a comprehensive view of customer data facilitates the work of your agents. Your solution should have an intuitive interface that allows your agents to access all customer information directly and easily with a 360° view of their past interactions. In this manner, agents spend less time looking for information and have more time to interact with each customer and offer the best response possible.

An omnichannel capability that unifies channel management

Choose an omnichannel solution that offers unified management on all channels: phone, SMS, email, chat, and numerous social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and others. An omnichannel solution allows your agents to communicate with your customers no matter which channel is preferred.

Media Blending

Increase agent productivity by using media blending. They will be able to manage several channels during the same time slot: phone, chat, email, WhatsApp, and SMS, for example. You will improve the versatility of your agents and your flexibility to adjust to the contact volume on each communication channel.

CRM data

Choose a contact center solution that easily connects with your CRM tools for a personalized omnichannel customer experience that also improves agent productivity. Agents will be able to monitor and update the status of open customer cases and transfer customers seamlessly to other agents when needed. The centralized CRM database allows agents across departments to access the same customer data, preventing the need to ask customers the same questions many times and leading to a faster and more satisfying customer experience. With our new multi-CRM connectors, you can also merge your CRM and contact center software together, in order to link your CRM with the best contact center technologies.

Integration of the latest AI technologies

Choose an AI-ready solution that integrates easily with the best of artificial intelligence technologies: chatbots, voice bots, or smart pairing technologies in order to reduce costs, absorb peak demand times, and improve customer satisfaction.

Proven inbound and outbound technology

Embrace a solution that has great flexibility for script and campaign management in real time, that has an IVR (interactive voice response) that may be modified autonomously to adapt to current events, and that has a powerful predictive dialer to increase the number of successful contacts.

Real-time monitoring of your KPIs

Real-time monitoring of these essential metrics helps you oversee the flows and performance of agents at any time, with intuitive dashboards and the possibility to create alert thresholds.

Offering seamless customer service ensures that your customers will have a consistent, quality experience at any time, no matter which channel they use. With the right contact center tools, your company can deliver seamless customer service flawlessly for greater customer satisfaction.

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