PMCTreize Generali sets up remote working model in 48h for its contact center agents

As the COVID-19 crisis settles in everywhere in the world, companies are confronted by new challenges with regard to maintaining their business operations while preserving the health of their staff.This is the case in the insurance industry, in which contact centers are important facilities established for handling customer service and optimizing the customer experience. In this context, companies must organize themselves quickly in order to maintain their operations. This is why, PMCTreize Generali sets up remote working model in 48h for its contact center agents thanks to the flexibility of Vocalcom Cloud solutions.

Ensure a personalized and local service offer

The Generali insurance group thus wished to protect its staff by fostering remote work access for everyone following the announcement of the closure of businesses deemed non-essential to the operations of the country. PMCTreize, a captive Generali broker in insurance, decided to also preserve the health of its employees working in its contact center specialized in the management and the subscription of estimate requests for automobile insurance contracts.

In order to make remote work accessible to all of the PMC staff – and thus keeping the business continuity and performance -, Generali and PMCTreize solicited Vocalcom for all of the technical aspects of the remote work implementation on their contact center tools. Users of the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition cloud solution since 2017, natively developed on Salesforce.com, PMCTreize Generali was able to migrate its staff to a remote work model in 48 hours since the start of the confinement period.« Vocalcom knew how to respond efficiently to our needs. The Vocalcom Salesforce Edition solution is one which adapts itself to all types of changes without difficulty and with great responsiveness. The changes are easy to install and allow immediate responsiveness. Vocalcom’s support is versatile and adapts itself to our needs, » says Clotilde BEZIE, General Adjunct Director of PMCTreize.

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Native Salesforce integration: an answer to PMCTreize Generali’s problems

The Vocalcom Salesforce Edition solution is a cloud contact center solution developed natively in the Salesforce.com application, of which Vocalcom is the independent software vendor partner with the greatest growth in 2019. It allows a company to manage the contact center directly within Salesforce.com to deliver the best omnichannel customer experience on a single interface – in addition to real-time supervision that enables quick and contextual decision-making drawing from the 360° customer knowledge of Salesforce.com. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Vocalcom has assisted numerous companies with migrating their teams to remote work or adjusting their capabilities, in Europe and the rest of the world. Our teams are mobilized to preserve the business operation continuity of our customers and the health of their staff in this unprecedented context in which customer service remains paramount.

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