Satisfying customers is great, but how do you do it?

Customer satisfaction is an essential challenge for companies that offer products or services. With the standardization of e-commerce and new technologies (AI, etc.), it has never been a more competitive time. In such a context, it is important to succeed at standing out through your company’s image and marketing strategies, while exceeding customer expectations. However, it is difficult to evaluate the efficiency of your strategies without really knowing how satisfied your customers are. So, how can you know? What tools should you use? Let’s look at today’s solutions!

Customer satisfaction: a critical challenge for companies

To last in a highly competitive market, it is necessary to take good care of your customer service. These days, it is not enough to respond to customer expectations—you must exceed them. To achieve this ambitious goal, most companies use tools that are partially based on artificial intelligence (CRM, ERP, etc.). AI offers, for example, better monitoring of various data collected during the customer journey.

A detailed view of customer history, real-time information updates during interactions…different tools allow you to identify the needs and expectations of your customers. Once analyzed, this data then allows you to personalize communications and offer more relevant and targeted responses. You can aim for better customer satisfaction in advance! On the other hand, these solutions do not allow you to evaluate the results of company actions. To do this, other tools must be used at the same time.

How can you evaluate customer satisfaction?

When new strategies have been implemented to promote customer satisfaction, it is then essential to be able to measure them. Evaluate feelings, perceptions, reviews…to achieve this, it is especially recommended to send a customer satisfaction survey for every interaction.

The customer satisfaction survey

A survey is a tool that can be taken from comments left by customers on different existing channels, or through an online questionnaire. With a survey, it is possible to draw attention to points of dissatisfaction with the goal of then applying appropriate corrective actions. By obtaining a detailed report for every item of feedback received, customer service agents can therefore immediately adopt new strategies for improving customer satisfaction and even increasing customer loyalty.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The customer satisfaction survey can also help you calculate the Net Promoter Score, a critical KPI for today. The NPS essentially allows you to know customer feelings on every channel a company uses (email, social media, SMS, phone, etc.). Used by many companies, this KPI allows you to know if a customer is likely to recommend your brand, your products, or your services to his entourage. The responses given then allow you to attribute a score from 1 to 10 in order to measure satisfaction on a predefined scale.

A customer satisfaction survey is customizable. A company can therefore choose its questions and customer evaluation methods (a score out of 10, stars, emojis, etc.). Once the responses are collected, this data will undoubtedly help you improve your performance.

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