Top 5 Reasons to Move Contact Centers to the Cloud

Cloud solutions have increasingly become the solution of choice for many contact centers. A MarketsandMarkets forecast predicts that revenue for cloud contact center technology could reach $15 billion by 2020. As contact centers seek to streamline processes and improve efficiency, cloud solutions offer the perfect answer to meeting such demands while fueling greater customer experiences. Here are five top reasons why contact centers should consider adopting cloud solutions for delivering great customer service.

Easy implementation with enhanced versatility.

Cloud solutions are easy to set up and use while allowing greater versatility. The solution offers data and processing capabilities on an on-demand basis for greater flexibility, such as enabling companies to hire skilled call agents in remote locations for 24/7 customer service conducted from either a desktop or mobile connection. Hosted solutions essentially unite agents who may be working from home as well as multiple contact centers. This ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency across contact centers, allowing agents to spend time on the most pertinent tasks and managers to monitor their calls and agent progress in real time.

Greater scalability at reduced costs.

Cloud solutions decrease dramatically the up-front costs normally associated with solution adoption, such as expensive on-premise hardware. Hosted cloud solutions may be upgraded easily and inexpensively, typically enabling contact centers to integrate platforms and reduce costs by using a pay-as-you-go consumption model and often gaining access to a free trial before making a long-term commitment. Additional agents may be added as needed when contact centers have increased demand, allowing for unlimited scalability. Hybrid cloud solutions also give companies the flexibility of securing sensitive data in a private cloud while storing less sensitive data in a public cloud at a reduced cost.

Advanced features for streamlined processes.

Among the most important benefits of cloud solutions is the myriad of advanced features that streamline contact center operations. For example, features such as a multichannel automatic call distributor (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR) enable faster and more efficient routing of all inbound contacts across all channels. In addition, prioritized callbacks save customers time by eliminating hold time and offering customers the option of a callback once their position arrives at the front of a queue.

Increased agent efficiency.

Streamlined processes inevitably lead to greater agent efficiency, as an intuitive interface enables agents to synthesize data gleaned from customers across channels and guides them in finding faster, more accurate resolutions to customer cases. Features such as prioritized callbacks, ACD, and IVR also save agents time, allowing them to handle more interactions with greater efficiency. Agent confidence grows as customer calls are routed to the most appropriate match, ensuring that agents are handling the cases they are best trained for.

Greater customer satisfaction.

Of course, the ultimate goal in adopting cloud solutions is to deliver greater customer satisfaction. Customers will appreciate saving time and having greater customer experiences characterized by skillful agents specifically trained to assist them with a certain task, especially when assistance is available 24/7. A personalized, efficient customer experience is what customers are looking for these days, and cloud solutions deliver just that.Cloud solutions offer companies greater versatility, scalability, and opportunity for quality customer engagement at dramatically reduced costs. Learn about Vocalcom cloud contact center solutions for optimum customer engagement.

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