Top Techniques for Reassuring Even the Most Difficult Customer

Service reps spend all day every day handling customer issues and inquiries. Those who are successful at this process have mastered the art of “listening,” which, in actuality, is one of the most effective call center solutions at their disposal.

Don’t just “Listen.” Actively Listen!

The last thing you want your customers to think is that you’re not listening to them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for a customer to reach that mentality. Assure your customers that you’re hanging onto their every word by writing down the main points of what the customer has been saying. When he or she is done speaking, repeat it back to the individual in a summary fashion. Displaying this attention to detail should be part of the job for any customer-centric call center agent.Additionally, an agent should always end comments with a closed (i.e., ‘yes’ or ‘no’) question such as, “Have I fully understood your problem?” or “Is there anything else I can do for you?” In using this technique, service reps should keep their tone calm, reassuring, confident and never mundane or monotonous.If you haven’t thoroughly resolved the customer’s problem, acknowledge and apologize for the prolonged situation (after all, your customers are on-the-go and have a list of things to do). After showing the customer that you are truly listening and are willing to be proactive about the situation, he or she should be reasonably calm and ready to let you help.In most cases, the solution to the problem will be within the agent’s power to resolve. Rarely, the agent will have to bring the call to a manager, which is also a scripted procedure. If that should happen, however, the service rep should apologize again and explain why the resolution the customer is seeking is not available.

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