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Vocalcom is pursuing its business development by investing in one part in the most promising markets, and by continuing to establish its leading position in historic markets. Our cloud and omnichannel contact center software have been able to support all of our customers in the challenges that they have faced these past few years: remote working, the development of new channels, a need for a connection, and an increase in demand. So many challenges that we meet with enthusiasm on a daily basis.

Vocalcom, during the “Stratégie Clients” customer service fair (which takes place in Paris at Porte de Versailles), interviewed Eric Dadian, President of the AFRC, Karine Palacios, CPO, and Ombeline Bernard Manusset-Allant, CRO of Vocalcom, shared their views on the future of customer service and the need to evolve the product and business strategy of the company. See their testimony in a series of articles on the changes to customer service, product innovations, and development of Vocalcom.

The global presence of Vocalcom

For more than 25 years, we have been developing our omnichannel contact center solution on a global level. Vocalcom is a French company, founded in 1995. This is why we have a strong European presence: France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc. Europe represents 40% of Vocalcom’s revenue. Nonetheless, “there isn’t just the European market,” says Ombeline Bernard-Manusset Allant, CRO of Vocalcom. Vocalcom is developing specifically on the African and South American continents for several reasons:

  • Africa and Latin America are two dynamic markets with a young population and different consumption habits.
  • Africa and Latin America are two markets with very strong potential, in terms of business development, usage of new technologies, and social media channels, with WhatsApp being particularly predominant.

We have developed our offer on BPOs and contact centers. Today, more than 50% of our customers are companies. “Vocalcom has many references, notably among telecommunications providers, insurance companies, banks…” reveals Ombeline Bernard-Manusset Allant. These are markets that are fully evolving, in terms of customer engagement.

We support our customers in their digital transformation necessary for adapting to changes. For companies, the most important thing is to win loyalty: have customer service and be able to respond to all requests.

Offering the best service possible allows you to keep your customers and thus have a more peaceful vision of the future.

The pandemic changed the way people work. Remote working was generalized, which was sometimes difficult to imagine before Covid. This new work organization was unprecedented for companies and BPOs. Thanks to our technology, we helped companies turn the corner and implement a solution for 100% remote working, especially thanks to the cloud. Vocalcom was able to adapt and respond quickly to this change in situation.

The business evolution of Vocalcom, post-pandemic

The pandemic has brought a lot with it. It has furthermore revealed this need for an extra connection. “Customers wish to have 24/7 service, but they also wish to have the right answers to their questions. They need to discuss, hear a voice, have someone on the phone. Our technology has also allowed this,» explains Ombeline Bernard-Manusset Allant.

The business dynamic of Vocalcom also applies to the creation of new synergies with our partners. We have business partners who resell our solution and technological partners who support us in the development of our new offers.

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