Vocalcom engages in a strategic migration program by building on a new One Cloud architecture

The company is executing its ambitious development plan and continuing its transformation by modernizing its solution, thanks especially to the construction of a global, latest-generation cloud platform.

A historic leader in contact center and customer engagement solutions, Vocalcom has always been the partner of choice for companies specialized in outbound campaigns. Its famous dialer, especially in predictive mode, is one of the most powerful on the market. Thanks to this expertise, Vocalcom is the technology of reference for predictive engagement all over the world. Covering more than 47 countries, both directly and through partnerships, Vocalcom has built over time more than 590 platforms on-premise or in private and public clouds. 

« Today we are working on the standardization of our infrastructures. The objective of Vocalcom for the next three years is to modernize the solution, with a single renovated software version and 75% of customers all over the world using the “Hermes One Cloud” model,» states Karine Palacios, Chief Product Officer. An ambitious project that has already begun and is part of the innovative roadmap designed by Vocalcom.

A restructuration of multiple challenges

Today, Vocalcom is unifying its infrastructure and merging it into a global platform, available and geo-resilient on 3 continents: Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East/Africa.

The migration plan toward a single architecture will ensure a dynamic management of agent location. Agents present on different sites all over the world will be connected and included in a “global tenant,” meaning the same virtual team will be handling the same omnichannel campaign with calls and contacts routed from or toward any place, according to the load, time of day, or other criteria.

The standardization of versions and technologies will allow the company to streamline costs in order to offer customers a more flexible business model. This new architecture will be a guarantee for its international customers of optimal communication quality, as close as possible to the origin or the endpoint of the call. At the same time, the company expects to take advantage of this transformation to endow its platforms with a new security policy in order to cope with legal constraints and growing risks.

One Cloud as a springboard for product innovation

The standardization of the Vocalcom technological ecosystem will also facilitate access to Hermes Smart Journey product innovations. By building on a combination of native development and technological partnerships, all facilitated by the unification of the infrastructure, all Vocalcom customers  will enjoy better orchestration of data, especially provided by AI. These evolutions will allow Hermes users to build ideal customer journeys that respect rules, are more targeted, and are more efficient. The objective is to define, for each interaction, the preferred channel at an opportune contact time and with a pertinent reason in order to offer an ultra-personalized experience.

An offer that remains based on flexibility

While the structure of the Vocalcom offer is transforming, multiple deployment methods remain. With a hybrid deployment model that is in the cloud or on-premise, the company adapts its solutions to all companies, no matter their constraints and needs. Vocalcom is committed to offering its customers streamlined Hermes One Cloud or on-premise solutions. Emanuel Cammarata, Chief Technical Officer, states, “We wished to give the choice between a deployment in the cloud or on site, by building on a consistent structure, a unified roadmap, and all of this with a global business and operational model—because, like you, we do not believe in « one size fits all! »

Karine Palacios, Chief Product Officer, concludes, « We are deeply transforming our offer, the quality of our services, our organization, and our relationship with our customers. It’s a new era that is beginning for Vocalcom ! »

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