Web Callback: A Tool Serving CX

The customer experience (CX) is a major challenge today, and companies are aware of this. More and more companies are using, among other tools, a Web Callback system for satisfying customers and prospects. Activated by clicking a button on a website, this feature allows a customer to receive a callback as soon as an agent becomes available at the customer’s preferred time and at the phone number provided. Thanks to the human touch that it brings to customer service on digital journeys, Web Callback fully subscribes to an omnichannel customer service strategy to improve customer satisfaction and online conversions.

A solution adapted to customer service digitalization

More accessible than a face-to-face conversation and more humanized than an email or chat exchange, the voice channel has emerged as the customer service channel of choice. With Web Callback, connecting your customers online with an agent by phone becomes simplified and effortless. Thanks to his phone number, your customer can be identified and called back by the most qualified agent. This agent can take a look at available information on the customer’s profile in order to quickly resolve his problem and enrich customer knowledge.

Increase customer satisfaction

Long wait times and difficulty reaching an agent by phone are often cited by customers as some of the negative aspects of customer service. Thanks to Web Callback, customers no longer have to wait on the phone for an agent to become available. Your business can call customers back as soon as an agent becomes available or at the time chosen by the customer. By allowing your business to call your customers at the right time, Web Callback boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Optimize your conversion rates

Web Callback is an ideal tool for meeting customer expectations at strategic times during their purchasing journey: when requesting additional information before a purchase or regarding exchange conditions, when problems arise with a shopping cart, when promotional offer information is needed, etc. By allowing your business to support and reassure your customers during their purchasing process, Web Callback helps reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts and increase the average shopping cart total. Thanks to its many advantages, Web Callback is therefore a full-fledged tool for customer acquisition and conversion.

Improve call center management

As for your call center teams, Web Callback allows them to better manage call flows by reducing the number of calls and minimizing activity peaks. By planning outbound calls, your business optimizes your employees’ work schedules and streamlines your call flows. Web Callback is a bona fide tool for improving the comfort of your agents and the quality of your customer service.

Improve the customer experience thanks to effective customer service

The Web Callback feature subscribes to an omnichannel customer service strategy by creating a bridge between your website and your customer service center agents. It functions as an instrumental tool for improving customer experience during your customers’ online purchasing journeys and thus increases your conversion rates. Web Callback should be offered as a supplement to other customer service channels such as email, chat, SMS, and social media channels. By integrating all these channels within a single contact center solution, you will provide your agents with a 360° view of the customer and his journey history to offer quick and personalized answers.


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