Why Your Hosted Predictive Dialer Solution Needs Salesforce.com Support

Those entrenched in the customer relationship management (CRM) space are sure to know of Salesforce.com. In fact, Salesforce.com is considered to be synonymous with the idea of successful, cloud-based CRM solutions for a number of reasons. Not only did Salesforce.com lead Gartner’s 2013 CRM Customer Engagement Center Magic Quadrant, but it’s also widely promoted as the world’s largest and most successful CRM partner – so successful that many third party vendors have introduced add-on amenities for its platform.

The key to the company’s success is a razor sharp focus on cloud computing, which has enabled it to deliver a robust platform for enterprises of every size who are looking to gain a competitive advantage. However, as businesses increasingly team up with the leading hosted CRM provider, they similarly require complementary CRM functionality – including a robust hosted predictive dialer.

Recently, our very own Vice President of Product Marketing and Management, Simon Harrison, sounded off on the importance of Vocalcom’s hosted predictive dialer technology, which is supported by the unprecedented Salesforce.com CRM platform. “What really sets us apart from other vendors who interface with Salesforce.com is that our products are entirely native to the environment,” he explains, “Our solutions are built on the Force.com platform, the same platform Salesforce.com is built on.

”In other words, when an application is built natively, it ensures a seamless integration with the platform, enabling you take full advantage of every capability the solution has to offer. Stay tuned to our Trends Blog for an article discussing the details of our Salesforce.com supported hosted predictive dialer solution.

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