The Conversational Commerce Hub

Vocalcom Message is designed to connect with customers on the most popular messaging apps such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, kik, Slack, LINE, WeChat and more — It’s a support channel that’s evolving into a primary driver of sales and customer satisfaction.

Engage Customers with Mobile, Conversational Messaging

Vocalcom Message allows customers and companies to have two-way text message conversations on the apps they use everyday. While voice calls are not going away, the voice channel isn’t cheap. Neither is it efficient for customers looking for quick answers. Mobile messaging offers a lower cost and more convenient way to engage in a two-way conversation, on their terms.

  • Offer 2-way text messaging

    Increase CSAT with two-way conversational messaging. Allow customers to text message companies via SMS or Facebook Messenger for hassle-free, "no hold" agent support.

  • Decrease operational costs

    Drive service costs down, and ROI up. Text messaging is 1/4 the cost of voice channel, enabling businesses to cut voice costs by up to 75%. Now isn't that a conversation worth having?

  • Save money with Chatbots

    Bots are a great tool to help automate replies and reach more customers. Using Vocalcom Message, businesses can blend human agents with bots to increase efficiency—and add that human touch.

Conversational Commerce is Changing Everything

  • Build relationships

    Bring conversation back to the center of your customer interactions. Allow customers to message your company via text messaging for hassle-free agent support. Notifications can be turned into conversations anytime, right in line.

  • Make it Easy

    Give customers help anytime from the most popular messaging apps. Vocalcom Message provides the ability to seamlessly continue a customer service conversation when switching between channels, or from self-service to live service.

  • Say goodbye to “hold, please”

    With mobile, conversational messaging, businesses are not only able to improve customer satisfaction, but also agent productivity and ROI.

A Rich-Media Message is Worth a Thousand Emails

Build messaging experiences to drive business outcomes. Messenger can be used to deliver proactive notifications and announcements with the potential for two-way dialogues, transactions or provide service. Discover how using Personalized Video in real-time with customer-relevant content can help you create a high-impact experience.

Transform Notifications into Two-Way Conversations

Vocalcom Message solution transforms one-way notifications into two-way conversations, empowering your customers to do much more, at a fraction of the cost of agent-assisted service: order confirmations, appointment reminders, upsell opportunities for retail, on-the-spot collections, automated appointment rescheduling and more.

Connect with customers on Facebook Messenger

Your customers are active on Facebook Messenger – the platform averages over 900 million monthly active users. Send customers detailed messages with rich media on this familiar channel for customer acquisition, service and support.

Create an entire sales & checkout flow, all within a single conversation

An additional advantage of the Facebook Messenger platform is built-in eCommerce capabilities that support sales and payments, all within a single conversation. All of these features give Messenger an edge over traditional channels like email and web chat.

Leverage the latest generation of chatbots and smartphone capabilities

Self-service text interactions can be delivered at 1/10 the cost of IVR and 1/100 the cost of agent assistance. Companies can set up automated and interactive messaging responses to handle questions just like a text-based conversation with a live agent.

Meet Alf. AI-powered self-service for everyone.

Alf makes self-Service smarter. Alf works seamlessly with live agents to solve customer problems faster and more efficiently. Chatbot messaging integrated with agent-assisted service from the contact center gives consumers best of both worlds.

Vocalcom Message offers many capabilities to give you even more possibilities. Ready to talk?

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