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The solution that delivers a personalized service to every enquiry, providing more satisfaction, better engagement & a faster resolution for your customers

  • Customer Service Software

    Better customer service starts with better communication

    Vocalcom brings all your customer conversations into one place

    Vocalcom is a customer service software that offers everything you need to deliver exceptional customer service. Manage all your customer conversations in one place, no matter what the source - email, phone or social media, so you can offer support that is both personal and quick. The foundation for delivering modern customer service is adopting a data-driven approach that can be measured & optimized to personalize the customer experience, and reduce effort. By adopting a data-driven approch and eliminating hold time, you can achieve huge results:

    • 70% Increase in First Call Resolution (FCR)
    • 50% Increase in agent productivity
    • 34% Reduction in Call Transfer Rate
    • 53 Seconds reduction in Average Handle Time
    • 25% Increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Vocalcom is easy to use, so you can focus on what matters the most - supporting customers. With features such as best-in-class ticketing and smart automations, making customers happy has never been this easy.

    From the contact center to web customer service, social media and beyond, Vocalcom is changing the game in customer service. Your customers are not just calling anymore. They are emailing. They are chatting. They are posting in social media. With our customer service software, you can support all these channels from a single user interface. Sleek and intuitive, the Vocalcom customer service software furnishes you with full insight into your customer’s journey on all channels. Easy to use. Awesomely powerful.

  • Customer Service Software

    Enhance customer experiences with rich context, profiles & cross channel history

    And improve agent productivity with intuitive browser-based agent application

    Vocalcom is the first global, cloud contact center software that delivers a personalized service experience regardless of the channel, providing more satisfaction, better engagement and a faster resolution for your customers. With Vocalcom Guide Builder you can build, and optimize dynamic guides that will reduce customer service costs while increasing quality and customer satisfaction. The Vocalcom agent desktop links customer context from different channels and pushes dynamic guidance to agents. Agents can leverage a single application, with rich customer context and insight that guides them through resolution. Our Advanced ACD routes callers to the best available agent based on agent skills, information about the caller, and business rules defined by the contact center in an easy-to-use graphical user interface - and with features like queue callback routing, you can eliminate hold time by giving to your customers the option to receive an agent callback when their position arrives to the front of the queue, giving customers back what they value most – their time. Request a demo ›

    Customers interact with your business through multiple touch points like the contact center, back office, branch office, outsourced operations, and perhaps retail stores. When these organizations are designed to work separately, chances are that the customer experience will be broken. This means customers have to wait too long for someone to respond. They may also need to make multiple attempts to get to the right employee or have to repeat information. Imagine a customer service software solution that focuses on the potential to act as one group, even though it may be spread across multiple locations and using different technology. We can show you how to gain economies of scale, migrate to a simplified infrastructure for customer service software, and offer consistency across your entire customer service chain.

  • Customer Service Software

    Customer service is better when it’s personal and proactive

    Designed for better customer service and more meaningful conversations

    Add More: Increase the potential of your customer service center. With our customer service software, you easily add new capabilities, such as proactive notifications, mobile customer care, video support, virtual queuing, automatic call-backs, real-time feedback management, or temporarily increase the capacity of your customer service software. Vocalcom ’s suite of engagement features lets you understand your customers better with tools like our Net Promoter Score® survey. With customer data at your fingertips, you can start meaningful conversations with your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you. No fixed costs or long deployment cycles. Simply pay for what you use. Our customer service software helps organisations to show customers that they value their time and are dedicated to true customer service.

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could put your most valuable customers to the head of the queue or route them to your most experienced staff? Or if customers could schedule a callback? Our customer service software comes with best-in-class capabilities, delivered with simplicity to foster personalized customer service. Customers are thrilled every time they use it. Vocalcom customer service software is helping businesses and consumers come together. A powerful customer service software solution that allows virtual queuing, anywhere.

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