Vocalcom Hermes360

Engage customers with the latest generation of an intuitive and AI-ready Contact Center Solution that provides the best omnichannel capabilities to deliver faster replies and better quality answers - whether in the Cloud or on-premise.

Agile and smart connections.
Anywhere. Any channel.

Vocalcom Hermes360 is a powerful, intuitive, and highly scalable omnichannel Contact Center Solution that provides great agility for your agents and smart conversations with your customers across unlimited channels – with the best levels of security whether in the Cloud or on-premise.

  • Empower your agents

    Increase your agents’ agility and productivity with an all-in-one, intuitive desktop and direct access to all customer data to focus on clients first.

  • Connect seamlessly through unlimited channels

    Connect with your customers wherever they are and manage the customer experience as a single conversation across all channels including unlimited social media.

  • AI-ready for smarter conversations

    Integrate the latest chatbots, voicebots, and smart pairing technologies to reduce costs and increase the value of each conversation.

A Cloud solution also available on-premise

Vocalcom Hermes360 is a full Cloud solution available on AWS, answering customer needs for agility, resource flexibility and scalability. Our platform is also available on-premise with the same capabilities to adapt to each customer’s preference or technical constraints.

Whether in the Cloud or on-premise, don’t’ compromise on security: Vocalcom technology provides the best levels of security to protect your data in full compliancy with international regulations (GDPR, TCPA, etc).

Gain agility with a 360° view of the customer journey


    Vocalcom provides the best intuitive technology so that your agents have a 360° view of the customer journey across all channels. They can easily provide the right answer to each customer need with all contextual information at a glance – at all times.


    Manage the customer experience as a single conversation across all media: phone, email, SMS, chat, and unlimited social media channels - including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, etc …

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Easily integrate with AI technologies

Vocalcom Hermes360 is “AI-ready” to easily integrate with the latest technologies of chatbots, voicebots or smart pairing tools to reduce costs, absorb peaks of demand, while focusing agents on higher-value customer conversations and increase customer satisfaction.

Boost real-time performance

  • Provide your supervisors with real-time intuitive dashboards with customizable KPI widgets to monitor your contact center resources and performances. Monitoring your call center has never been so easy!

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