Do you wish to optimize your calls? Consider smart pairing!

Customer service departments are at the heart of a company’s reputation. Indeed, they allow companies to collect valuable information about customers thanks to calls that agents receive. Complaints, specific questions, satisfaction: this precious data plays a central role in the improvement of customer service. While many techniques are used to reduce call time and respond to customer requests, smart pairing techniques are emerging little by little. What does it mean exactly? What are its advantages for your business strategy?

What is smart pairing?

When a person contacts a company’s customer service department, an agent receives calls. Yet, the agent is not always able to completely satisfy the request, especially because he lacks:

  • Technical skills: problem resolution, actions to implement 
  • Soft skills: understanding, empathy, flexibility, patience, etc. 


At the end of a telephone call, he often sends the customer a satisfaction survey in order to know how the customer feels about this call. Smart pairing consists of using this data via AI, and then passing each call received to an agent who is best qualified to handle it. 

In this manner, the algorithm attributes a score to each agent according to his performance. Of course, the objective is not to monitor agents or give them fewer files. Rather, the intention is to increase the efficiency of customer service by targeting the best customer match/request/agent with call resolution as a bonus. 

What are the advantages of smart pairing?

The implementation of smart pairing offers numerous advantages for both parties, the customer and the company.

For the customer

Thanks to smart pairing, the customer has a better experience with the brand. He essentially benefits from personalized support and can interact with an agent who understands his actions and reasoning. In addition, the customer spends far less time waiting, which increases his satisfaction.

For the company

Boosting customer satisfaction allows companies to win loyalty but also to turn customers into true brand ambassadors. If all the steps of a customer’s experience go as he wishes, he will not hesitate to recommend the company’s services to his close contacts. A prospect hotbed thus starts to develop. 

Furthermore, smart pairing allows companies to use each employee’s skills in a more relevant way and to help the brand grow. Agents feel more valued, which contributes to improving their productivity and, consequently, their performance. 

The omnichannel logic of smart pairing offers a better quality of conversation between the customer and the agent. Service is therefore more adapted to each request and more effective, which represents a significant advantage for a company’s reputation. For your telemarketing or debt collection services, and for customer service improvement, optimize your calls with smart pairing!  

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