Vocalcom and Salesforce: Powering Sales Acceleration Together

With all the options customers have nowadays for products and services, acquiring new business is a challenge for any company. Driving sales is not just a matter of finding

clients—it requires finding the right clients at the right times. With Vocalcom Salesforce Edition, your company can work smarter, not harder, by reaching the strongest leads with the greatest buying potential.


Our robust call center solution, natively integrated with Salesforce and embedded in Salesforce datamodel, bringing you cutting-edge technology that drives great customer experiences and accelerates sales exponentially. Gartner, Inc. recently named Salesforce Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center, and the #1 CRM provider for the seventh consecutive year by International Data Corporation (IDC).

With Vocalcom Salesforce Edition, your sales teams benefit from:

A centralized customer databas

No time is wasted looking up customer information. Sales agents are able to view pertinent data such as sales history, preferences, and contact information from a single screen with no need to ask customers to repeat information. Agents may make updates in real time and communicate with other agents effortlessly during customer interactions. They may handle important tasks such as pre-sales queries, post-sales services, issuing credits, and checking warranties from a single interface.

Optimized inbound and outbound calling

Our solution makes it easier than ever to connect with your customers. Incoming calls are intelligently routed based on Salesforce data and flows, ensuring that customers are always connected to the most qualified agent. Click-to-dial outbound calling allows agents to connect quickly with customers for boosted productivity.

Greater upselling and cross-selling opportunities

By having immediate access to customer purchase history, agents may offer additional products or services of interest during sales calls. Vocalcom Salesforce Edition has proven to accelerate sales by up to 30%.

Stronger lead management and marketing practices

An integrated predictive dialer enables powerful lead management. More live calls are placed at times that are most convenient for the customer, as the solution automates and captures all call activity directly into the Salesforce, keeps track of optimal call times, and provides essential real-time KPIs. Agents may group customers by purchase preferences, create personalized marketing campaigns, and track progress all within Salesforce database. Lastly, features such as call logging, callback rules, call recording, and other automated processes save agents time and enable them to focus on pursuing the strongest leads and closing sales with great efficiency, leading to performance improvements of over 150%.

A powerful partnership with Salesforce

Our solution is native to Salesforce and perfectly adapted to its functions. For example, agents may communicate easily with each other using Salesforce Chatter, run reports, create dashboards reflecting their lead progress, and perform numerous other functions without ever leaving the Salesforce.


According to Bluewolf’s annual report on how companies use Salesforce, 79% of companies currently using Salesforce products believe that they gain a competitive advantage. With Vocalcom Salesforce Edition, your company will benefit from the powerful duo of Vocalcom advanced call center technology and Salesforce CRM software for supercharged sales, optimized agent efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction.


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