AI in the Contact Centre: an ally for your customer service?

More and more call centres are integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their tools. As a true technological revolution, AI makes it possible to automate certain repetitive tasks, enabling your agents to focus their skills on their core business: customer relations. Why and how can you make the most of AI in your call centre? You’ll discover belowthe main arguments for making AI a powerful ally in your customer service.

Why use AI in your call centre?

Artificial Intelligence offers you numerous advantages for reinventing your call centre processes and optimizing your employee’s working environment.

A reliable, high-performance system

In your call centre, certain errors or oversights can occur despite the vigilance of your teams. Whatever their nature, these mistakes compromise the quality and efficiency of the service provided to your customers. The precision and speed of AI systems enable you to quickly identify these points of dysfunction and, as a result, provide a solution as quickly as possible.

A profitable investment

Although AI represents a certain investment when deployed on your tools, this solution proves to be particularly profitable in the long term. Processes automation, such as transcription of telephone exchanges or incoming calls distribution, enables you to make real savings on your customer service costs.

A reinvented customer experience

Free from repetitive and time-consuming tasks, your agents can allow more time to welcoming and supporting customers. The time they can now give and the quality of the discussions increase customer satisfaction. In this way, you reinforce your brand image, helping your business to grow.

How can AI be used in a call centre?

While AI can be used in a variety of ways, we have selected three examples to illustrate its applications in the customer service.

Save time on frequently asked questions

By integrating AI into your chatbots or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions, you can sort calls and improve your team’s productivity. Artificial intelligence will enable you to answer frequently asked questions with precision, and your agents will be able to concentrate on more complex requests. AI will also provide an opportunity to redirect incoming calls to the most appropriate employ (based on availability, skills, etc.) for a better customer service.

Optimising outbound call campaigns

Artificial Intelligence is also an invaluable ally in improving the effectiveness of your outbound call campaigns. Certain solutions, such as the Vocalcom dialer and OptimalQ, allow you to define a scoring system in your call database that prioritizes the order in which your outbound calls are triggered. Updated every 2 to 3 seconds, this tool integrates recommendations in near-real time to contact targeted prospects when they are most available.

Personalize the journey across all your channels

By analyzing interactions history for each customer, Artificial Intelligence can anticipate your customers’ needs, and so target your agents’ strategy more effectively, as well as personalize the customer journey. Omnichannel, predictive and relevant, these agents can fully meet of your customers and prospects expectations, resulting in higher conversion and satisfaction rates.

An indisputable ally of customer service, AI an be integrated into your call center to reinvent your processes and optimize them with ease. More efficient and productive, your teams will be able to carry out their tasks in the best possible conditions and contribute to the development of your business.


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