Call Center Solution

Adopt a powerful tool to manage your inbound and outbound calls

Improve customer satisfaction and agent productivity with flexible, all-in-one cloud call center software for smarter customer service management and greater call campaign impact.

Handle inbound and outbound calls more efficiently

Vocalcom’s feature-rich call center solution, available in cloud and on-premise versions, offers the best CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) technology for efficient management of inbound and outbound customer contacts, with flexible controls at your agents’ fingertips.

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Improve your agents' productivity

With its intuitive interface that aggregates all customer information and the record of their journey across all communication channels, Vocalcom’s call center platform gives your agents a more comfortable set-up to improve their productivity and engagement.


Improve customer satisfaction

With real-time dashboards, call center activity reports and quality monitoring tools, our solution provides all the tools you need to optimize your teams’ performance, improve customer satisfaction and offer a high-quality experience.

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Integrate your call center with your business software

Personalize your customer service with a flexible call center solution that integrates easily with your CRM and other business software—HR system, online payment solutions, etc.—to facilitate contextually relevant conversations and seamless customer service.

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Vocalcom, a leader in call center solutions

For 20 years, Vocalcom has been a provider of innovative cloud call center solutions that enable the management of all of your inbound and outbound omnichannel contacts in a single, centralized platform. Improve your call center performance with a platform that includes powerful tools for real-time supervision and analysis to drive quality and agent engagement.


Cloud call center solution

Our cloud call center solutions, based on AWS, give you the flexibility, agility and scalability you need to develop your business while facilitating remote work for your teams. Outsource technical and human resources costs while ensuring the security and legal compliance of your call center software.


Vocalcom Salesforce Edition

With the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition solution, your call center application is natively available in Salesforce for easy management of all contact center channels within a single application: Salesforce.